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Bikes, Blues, & BBQ / Fayetteville Fire Fighters 2017 Poker Runs
(Pre-Registration Form)

-Rules and Regulations-

* Each person playing one or more hands is required to fill out a form and sign the waiver!

* Poker Run is only open to riders 18 years or older. No exceptions!

* Limit One (1) t-shirt per registered rider, regardless of the number of hands played.

* All T-Shirts are on a first come first served basis unless you are pre-registered.

* Only pre-registered riders are guaranteed the t-shirt size of their choice.

*Pre-Registration forms must be submitted no later than midnight CST Sunday September 18, 2017. Pre-Registration will be closed at that time. Any registrations submitted after midnight CST on September 18, 2017 will not be part of our database and you will not be pre-registered even if your credit card payment is accepted.

* All Pre-Registered riders are encouraged to come to the Fayetteville Fire Fighters Association Tent located at the corner of Dickson & West Streets starting at 1:00pm Thursday September 21, 2017 and pick up their free t-shirt and welcome packet. Onsite registration will start at the same time.

* The day of the poker run all riders are to check in at the Poker Run Start Tent located at Baum Stadium on Beechwood Avenue starting at 7:30am. This will be the starting point for both Poker Runs this year, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. YOU MUST CHECK IN to receive your map and playing hand for that day.
Playing hands will not be available before that time.

*Both the Friday and Saturday poker runs will DEPART from Baum Stadium on Beechwood Ave and END at JJs Beer Garden & Brewing Co (JBGB) in Fayetteville. JBGB is located at 3615 Steele Blvd, Fayetteville AR 72703. Please refer to your map for the exact location.

*All fields are REQUIRED! Thank you.

All fields are required!
In the Driver's License section put ONLY your driver's license number as it is printed on your license. Thank you.

First Name:
Middel Initial:
Last Name:
Drivers License:
T-Shirt Size:

Poker Runs


You may sign up for one or both contests.

Mark the number of hands you wish to play for each run you want to ride. MARK ONLY THE NUMBER OF HANDS FOR THAT RUN. PLEASE DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN THE BLANK IF YOU ARE NOT RIDING IN THAT RUN. For example, if you are going on the Saturday ride and you want to play 1 hand you would put a number 1 in the box under "Saturday Hands" and you would leave the other "Friday Hands" box blank.

$25 for 1st hand and $25 each additional hand.

All times are subject to change. Every effort will be made to contact
you if something changes AFTER you have paid your regestiration fee.

Please use a valid phone number and valid email address on the next page.

Friday Hands
Travel to Roaring River State Park (Missouri) and Eureka Springs Arkansas. 
Friday September 22, 2017 For the first time we will be traveling into the state of Missouri on a poker run. The stop is optional, however if you do elect to go you MUST wear helmets in Missouri! This is going to be a very scenic route crossing Beaver and Table Rock Lakes and the Roaring River. First bike out at 8:30 am last bike out 10:00 am from Baum Stadium by the Beechwood Ave access.
Last bike in at 4:00 pm at JBGB at 3615 Steele Blvd Fayetteville, AR.
Saturday Hands
Ride the Pig Trail (Arkansas HWY 23)
Saturday September 23, 2017
For the first time in years The Pig Trail (Arkansas HWY 23) is going to be part of our Saturday Poker Run. You will be riding from South to North with stops along the way. This is a great ride if you aren’t from the area and you want to take in some great scenery. More information will be available at BB & BBQ. First bike out at 8:30 am last bike out 10:00 am from Baum Stadium by the Beechwood Ave access.

Last bike in at 4:00 pm at JBGB at 3615 Steele Blvd Fayetteville, AR.

Liability Waiver-

I am voluntarily engaging in a motorcycle ride(s) hosted by the Fayetteville Fire Fighter's Association Local 2866 (IAFF L2866) on Friday September 22, 2017; Saturday September 23, 2017. I herebyWAIVE and RELEASE the Fayetteville Fire Fighter's Association Local 2866 and its members, their heirs, all volunteers, and beneficiaries from any and all liability due to injury, disability, death, or property damage (both to my property and/or caused by me). I hereby state that I have a valid motorcycle endorsement, and that it is my choice to either use or not to use protective equipment. If my passenger is considered a juvenile under Arkansas State Law then protective gear will be used for said passenger. I also state that I do carry valid insurance on myself and my motorcycle that meets or exceeds State of Arkansas minimum standards. I have read and understand the above liability waiver and clicking theSubmit Registration and Enter Payment Info” button below signifies I am entering the event(s) on my own free accord.